Top Benefits of using KidSecured- A Mobile Tracking app

Do you want to track your children? It is good to check the activities of your children. By using KidSecured, you can protect your children form the harms. It is a fact that your kids are at risk online. They are on the target of the sexual predators, phishers, hackers, bullies and scammers. Now, you can track your kids remotely with this app to keep them secure online and on the mobile devices. There are several other benefits of the using this app because it can secure your mobile from getting lost and get the way to approach your children location any time.

Advantages of using tracker

This app is the combination of the cell tower and GPS data. This feature helps in tracking the current location of your kids because the phone delivers the signal. This technology has been introduced due to the privacy concerns.

Get control on your kid’s call

  • You have the opportunity to block the undesired numbers
  • Check call duration and timestamps
  • View the lists of the outgoing calls and incoming calls
  • Get information with whom your children are communicating the most

Call Restriction

Isn’t it good that you can protect your kids from getting unwanted calls? This app allows you to manage complete setting from your control panel.

  • Secure the impost restriction
  • Block the numbers that you want to avoid
  • Check the entire list of call log

Child Safety

The phone tracking is great because for parents, it makes possible to get information where their kids are spending their time. Some sellers vends cell phones with the embedded software that can send data on the current location of the phone through cellular network. In this way, you get the knowledge about your kid’s activities. You can on your tracker 24/7 to monitor your child.